Hairy Mary_House_Concert_01

The song "Hairy Mary" retells the legend of the hermit "Saint Mary of Egypt" also called "Hairy Mary" from the perspective of the lion who found her dead body in the Egyptian desert. He dug her grave with his paws and he buried her on April the 2nd in 421 AD. Mary, accused of being a nymphomaniac sinner, therefore lived a hermit-life in the desert, for forty-seven years only surviving on 3 loaves of bread. In the Orthodox and Coptic Church she is now a highly venerated Desert Mother as well as the patron saint of penitents in the Roman Catholic Church.

Künstlerhaus Schoss Balmoral, 2020

The performance concert "The Whore Strikes Back II" draws on the investigation on the meaning and origin of the word „Whore“ as well as of power relations between sexes. The gauntlet and spur high heels work simultaneously as costume as well as instruments to create percussive sounds that aid the vocal-based performance.

Goeben Gallery, Berlin, 2020

PS120 Gallery, Berlin, 2019

Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow, UK, 2016