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© Klaus Gigga

© Kara Bukowski

Soundtrack commissioned by Sarah Ama Duah

Concept, scenography, dramaturgy, performance: Sarah Ama Duah

Choreografie: Sointu Pere

Performer: Naomi Boima, Rositsa Mahdi

Performance shown at: HAU 3, Fuchsbau Festival, Clinch Festival, Galerie Wedding, Tatwerk


Soundtrack commissioned by HUA International Gallery

Concept: Isabella Fürnkäs

Performers: Marlene Kollender & Nikolas Brummer
Costume: John Galliano, 032c
Styling: Nellee Dii


shown at: HUA International Gallery, Willhelmhallen

Press: Mousse Magazine, Taz, Gallerytalk, CeeCee

Soundtrack commissioned by Natalia Rolón

an interpolation based on the song the "The Logical Song" by Supertramp

Concept and drawings of the animation: Natalia Rolón

shown at: Brunand Brunand Gallery, Berlin (DE)

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