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Anchoress was formed in 2020 in Berlin, DE, and is comprised of Anna Lucia Nissen (Vocals/Keys), Alexander Rathbone (Guitar) and Tobias Textor (Drums).


Centered around a magnetic vocal delivery (often inviting comparisons to Anohni, Scott Walker and Nico), Anchoress fuses elements of avant garde classical, experimental liturgy, and goth-minimalism into uncanny ecstatic dirges that oscillate between hopefulness and despair. 


Their sound, evoked with swelling organ drones, ritualistic guitar arpeggios and starkly subtle percussion carries with it a cinematic sense of magic that manifests the listener into a rich and raw atmosphere of romantic doom and darkness.


In 2021 Anchoress was a mentee of Jan Brauer (Brandt Brauer Frick) for the Berlin Amplify program of ACUD Macht Neu, received a scholarship from GVL Neustart Kultur 2021/2022, was selected for the Pop-Kultur Talents 2022 and received a scholarship from Musikfonds for 2022/2023.

In 2020 the debut EP “In Times Where Eyes Are Low” was released.


Currently, Anchoress is working on their first full length studio album "Cockdust", which will be released in the fall of 2023.

Live Shows:

02.03.2023 PAS, Berlin (DE)

20.04.2023 8mm Bar, Berlin (DE)

13.05.2023 (NYT), Berlin (DE) (Solo Sets)

21.06.2023 Loophole, Berlin (DE)

14.07.2023 PAS, Berlin (DE) (Solo Sets)

07.09.2023 Arkaoda, Berlin, (DE)

23.09.2023 Cittipunkt, Berlin (DE) (Solo Sets)

19.10.2023 KW Institute/Pogo Bar, Berlin DE

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