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Anna Lucia Nissen is a Berlin-based composer, singer and artist working at the intersection of music, performance and visual art.


Female mysticism, the position of the female body within a patriarchal society and a fascination with the women who defy it are recurring themes in her music. Through her lyrics she channels these characters; playing with the audiences perspectives and expectations using a method of alternative storytelling, which dips anachronistically in and out of different histories, both imagined and real.


Centered around a magnetic vocal delivery, she fuses elements of poetry, film-score and drone into ecstatic pop dirges that oscillate between hope and despair and allow dark and powerful moments to co exist with passages of fragility and softness.


Her songs are cinematic in the way they reveal their narratives, and she considers song writing to be akin to scoring an imagined film.

This informs and is informed by her work as a freelance composer

for films, performances and installations

shown in galleries, festivals and theatre spaces.


Sarah Ama Duah "To Build To Bury To Remember", 2022/23

Soundtrack commissioned by Sarah Ama Duah

Concept, scenography, dramaturgy, performance: Sarah Ama Duah

Choreografie: Sointu Pere

Performance: Naomi Boima, Rositsa Mahdi

Performance shown at: HAU 3, Fuchsbau Festival, Clinch Festival, Galerie Wedding, Tatwerk

Latex_green_photo by Kara Bukowski_edited_edited.jpg

© Kara Bukowski

© Klaus Gigga

Isabella Fürnkäs "Build me a House", 2022

Soundtrack commissioned by HUA International Gallery

Concept: Isabella Fürnkäs

Performers: Marlene Kollender & Nikolas Brummer
Costume: John Galli
ano, 032c
Styling: Nellee Dii


© Timo Ohler

Natalia Rolón "The Logical Song", 2021

Soundtrack commissioned by Brunand Brunand Gallery

Concept, Drawings, Animation: Natalia Rolón

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