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Live Shows:

08.03.2024 Angry Women, Zwölf Apostel Kirche, Berlin (DE)

19.10.2023 KW Institute/Pogo Bar, Berlin (DE)

23.09.2023 Cittipunkt, Berlin (DE) (Solo Sets)

07.09.2023 Arkaoda, Berlin, (DE)

14.07.2023 PAS, Berlin (DE) (Solo Sets)

21.06.2023 Loophole, Berlin (DE)

13.05.2023 (NYT), Berlin (DE) (Solo Sets)

20.04.2023 8mm Bar, Berlin (DE)

02.03.2023 PAS, Berlin (DE)

Anna Lucia Nissen is a Berlin-based composer, singer and artist working at the intersection

of music, performance and visual art.


Female mysticism, the position of the female body within a patriarchal society and a fascination with the women who defy it are recurring themes in her music. Through her lyrics she channels these characters; playing with the audiences perspectives and expectations using a method of alternative storytelling, which dips anachronistically in and out of different histories, both imagined and real.


Centered around a magnetic vocal delivery, she fuses elements of poetry, film-score and drone into ecstatic pop dirges that oscillate between hope and despair and allow dark and powerful moments to co exist with passages of fragility and softness.

Her songs are cinematic in the way they reveal their narratives, and she considers song writing to be akin to scoring an imagined film. This informs and is informed by her work as a freelance composer for films, performances and installations shown in galleries, festivals and theatre spaces.

Furthermore Nissen is the singer and front woman of the music project Anchoress and also performs her music solo.

In 2021 she was a mentee of Jan Brauer (Brandt Brauer Frick) for the Berlin Amplify program of ACUD Macht Neu, received a scholarship from GVL Neustart Kultur 2021/2022, was selected for the Talents program of  Pop-Kultur Festival 2022 and received a scholarship from Musikfonds for 2022/2023.

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